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Free French Courses

Free French Courses

The Regional Association of West Quebecers has been offering French Second Language classes to members of the English-speaking community for over 2 years. Our classes filled a need within our community as many of us work to improve our language skills in both official languages. In the past, instruction has been offered in Aylmer, Shawville, Wakefield, and even virtually. Instruction was offered at the A1(beginner), A2 (high beginner), B1 (intermediate) and Conversation-focused levels (intermediate and above).

We are not currently offering language classes, as our partnership with the Province of Quebec to offer future classes has ended. They have announced that they will be expanding access to their FSL classes, and more details should be available within the coming months.

Below are other publicly available FSL classes that you may be able to take advantage of:

- Heritage College is offering French Second Language and English Second Language training. Fall session details are now available here: www.cegep-heritage.qc.ca/conted/personal-development/languages/languages

- In addition to the training mentioned above, Heritage College offers a French Second Language program sponsored by Emploi Québec. For more information: www.cegep-heritage.qc.ca/conted/personal-development/french-as-a-second-language-emploi-quebec

- The Quebec Government also offers French training to those that meet the requirements. Follow this link to learn more: www.quebec.ca/en/education/learn-french

Registration is now Closed.

We are not registering students for French Second Language Classes.

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