“Supporting the English-speaking community in West Quebec”

Resumption of French second-language courses in the Outaouais!

The Regional Association of West Quebecers is pleased to announce the resumption of the French second-language courses in the Outaouais! These classes will be $70, which will cover the cost of instruction. Depending on location, either Aylmer or Wakefield, classes will take place from February 4th to April 7th, 2020, for a total of eight weeks. Classes are 1.5 hours each and held in the evenings between 6-9pm. We are currently offering three language levels, A1 (beginner), A2 (high beginner) and B1 (intermediate).
If you are interested in joining our classes, now or in the future, please contact Jeanne Nivischiuk at fsl@westquebecers.ca or 819-682-9602.
Our free FSL classes will be returning in Fall 2020, and we will be informing members regarding upcoming registration periods!