“Supporting the English-speaking community in West Quebec”


In the past, West Quebecers holds its annual Community Awards Ceremony each Fall to celebrate people who invest in their communities and inspire others through their volunteer work. By contributing to the improvement of communities, these volunteers prove that they are an invaluable resource in supporting the vibrancy and strength of our region.

Nominated individuals (or groups of individuals) are selected for awards. These nominations come from community organizations, association members and the community at large. At this event, we will be honouring some of our community's most noteworthy volunteers.

Descriptions of Community Awards

Graham Greig Award for Outstanding Community Service

This award is for a particular service or variety of services within the community that has broad outreach, depth and significantly measurable results.

J.D. Coulson Award for Outstanding Achievement

This award is for exceptional achievement by a person living in this community (the Outaouais) that surpasses expectations. The achievement has broad outreach, depth and significantly measurable results but it does not necessarily need to have taken place in the Outaouais.

Founders Award for Outstanding Leadership

This award is for exceptional leadership that has far-reaching and long-term impact on the community and has bequeathed to it a potential set of values or has established a protocol for future creative work.

Community Services Awards in:

Health and Social Services

The winner of this award will have participated in, contributed to or provided assistance to individuals or not-for-profit organizations in a health and social services capacity. The beneficiaries of such activity may include church groups, community organizations, individuals, schools, volunteer organizations, etc.

Recreation and Liveable Communities

This award is for engagement in creating opportunities for recreation and thereby enhancing the liveable community.


This award is given to the person who has made the most substantial contribution to the development and enhancement of education.

Arts and Culture

The award is granted to an individual/group for providing improvement, opportunity, support or exposure to the community in the area of arts and culture, and for contributing to the growth of artists and artistic and cultural organizations. The term Arts and Culture may include, but is not limited to, music, theatre, art, festivals, heritage, design, photography, etc.

Leadership for Youth

The winner of this award has demonstrated the ability to take a lead in improving understanding and access to experience for youth, and in creating opportunities for personal growth and advancement. This category is open to those between eighteen and thirty-four (18-34) years of age.

Community Spirit

This award recognizes outstanding service which is of such a nature that it does not fall into the award categories established previously.


The winner of this award is a business which has made a substantial contribution or has provided outstanding support to the English-speaking community of the Outaouais.

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